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Mookie has passionately dedicated more than 25 years to the Sydney electronic music scene.

Quickly moving from the dancefloor to behind the scenes, promoting and building SWARM and earlier events with partner Vic. After many years of working as the creative force behind SWARM and Trip2Space, Mookie finally took the plunge and jumped into the deep end – debuting on a 10K system alongside Ignition Technician in 2006.

Remaining true to the SWARM underground techno sound yet bringing a completely different flavour to the table. Her track selection is diverse, seeking the subtle intricacies for her aural journeys and forming a carefully selected balance of playing just what the crowd needs and surprising them with unexpected sounds.

Adept at combining and layering glitchy, loopy and twisted techno that tingles of nostalgia with a good dose of futurist funk. Drawing from her long history and love of electronic music from the late eighties and beyond. She is equally comfortable warming up a party or rocking out at the peak of the night. She has played alongside and warmed up for international artists such as Chris Liberator, Henry Cullen (D.A.V.E the Drummer), Inigo Kennedy, Space DJz, Ignition Technician, Speedy J Sterling Moss and Alex Bau.




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