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Synonymous with the techno sound for 20 years, SWARM is one of Sydney’s largest and longest running series of underground techno events. Since Swarm’s first sold-out event in 1999 featuring D.A.V.E the Drummer, the Swarm techno juggernaut has gathered momentum throughout the last two decades, playing host to techno luminaries from around the globe. The likes of Alex Bau, Speedy J, Chris Liberator, Guy the Geezer, The Space DJs, Pounding Grooves, Julian Liberator, Zebedee, Ignition Technician, Mike Humphries, Chris Liebing, Sterling Moss, Inigo Kennedy and many others have graced the decks and gear at Swarm events. From its very beginnings the SWARM-INDUSTRIES sound has had a clear focus on the darker, harder, percussive, funky, cheeky, and irreverent yet always bass driven, kick laden dance floor/party oriented beats. Mid 2014 saw SWARM-INDUSTRIES transition into the realm of music production and label management in the guise of the SWARM SOUND SYSTEM, a label which reflects the core belief that in order to create and foster a genuine underground party atmosphere, it is always essential that a truly unique and therefore memorable dance floor experience be established through meticulous attention to detail, cutting edge production elements, as well as lighting, innovative design of original décor and visuals and above all an all-inclusive non-judgemental old-school inspired attitude.Swarm has always prided itself in being at the forefront of the underground techno, contributing to the promotion of cutting-edge artists both local and international since the 90s, pushing both the underground ethos and sound. Swarm’s founders Vic Zee and DJ Mookie have always held the attitude that their mission is to set the trend rather than follow it. This belief is essentially why the harder underground techno sound of SWARM was launched and continues to remain vibrant and relevant now and well into the future – always plenty of good vibes, always plenty of bass!

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