The destination is often irrelevant, rather it is the journey that matters most. The Ways of the Beat are thus many and often menacing. Ask and Vektor will provide. This original live techno set was recorded in one single take at the SWARM SOUND SYSTEM STUDIO - October 5, 2015. Enjoy this Technus Libertas black label upload.

New 100% live techno set.

Schemata makes up the core of your knowledge base. All consciousness occurs within the confines of working memory.

Proper tribal techno.

Mutate, this is your only fate! ..

Brutal acid techno assault in classic Swarm style. Fight Fire With Fire.


SWARM SOUND SYSTEM E.P 002 (track 1) - Deep gut wrenching bass line with a splash of rolling percussion propped up by a slamming kick drum. Also, welcome to the Family JU-06 and JX-03. The D20 also come for a visit.